A visit to Visveshvaraiah Industrial and Technological Museum

10th standard students were taken to Visveshvaraiah Industrial and Technological Museum as a Educational Field Visit.
This visit has enabled our students deep cognitive learning beyond facts on science and Technology. Learning on a field trip is a valuable supplement and addition to classroom instruction and a way to prepare students for future learning .
Affective outcomes such as increased motivation or interest, sparking curiosity or improved attitudes towards a topic may be more reasonable given the short-term nature of field trips.
Visits to science centres can positively impact attitudes towards science for students who are already interested in and engaged with science .

Students felt that in order to be substantively engaged in cognitive learning they needed to: know how things worked; be able to think through ideas; have opportunities to ask questions; be able to handle, manipulate and closely examine artefacts and exhibits; be able to seek out information from several sources in language that is appropriate to their age and stage of development.


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